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第一篇>>> The best way to reduce pollution is for the government to raise the cost of fuel (petro).





第二篇>>> At universities and colleges, sports and social activities are just as important as classes and libraries and should receive equal financial support.





第三篇>>> Why people attend college?
People attend college or university for many different reasons (for example, new experience, career preparation, increased knowledge). Why do you think people attend college or university? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.



第四篇>>> Are parents the best teachers?
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.




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修辭意圖題(Rhetorical purpose Questions)



首先找到題幹中的Maxwell Mons on VenusHawaiian shield volcanoes on Earth,和題幹有關的是本段的第三第四句。注意到第三句中有比較明顯的比較意為,於是聯繫第三句中關鍵詞“gravity”和“weight”和“height”,就能找到正確答案A



首先找到關鍵字Vasco da Gama's Voyage,然後就近回到邏輯上一層,定位為什麼會提到這個例子的論點句。即第五段第一句“ replacing ... Ocean- caravan-eastern Mediterranean route to Venice."正確選項為A  

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51. There are no immediate solutions for reversing the Asian financial crisis , but convincing affected nations to practice fiscal restraint will be highly beneficial .


52. Immediate solutions for solving problems surrounding poverty remain elusive . However ,public recognition of the necessity to provide a better quality of life for millions of people will represent the first step in finding effective solutions .


53. What dose the future hold if mankind persists in wasting natural resources ? While no one knows for sure , scientists do exhibit a degree of certainty when predicting that future generations will face a dramatically diffrernt world .


54. Reversing undesirable social trends will be far from an easy task and will require a dramatic change in attitudes . A keen awareness of right from wrong is essential for determining appropriate social behavior .


55.While the inclination to procrastinate is common , one must fully consider the detrimental impact of unnecessary delays .



57. We do , in fact , have a long way to go to reach our final goal , but achieving some remains well within the realm of possibility .


58. The time is right for us to take full advantage of ample existing opportunities .


59. While it remains to be seen whether or not environmental deterioration can be controlled , the current prospects are far from encouraging . People around the world must act immediately to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further .


60. The methodology suggested may not guarantee ultimate success , but the eventual pay-off could well be worth the effort . Achieving even partial success will benefit mankind and contribute to creating a better world .


61. Admittedly , ensuring sustainable development will require a certain level of sacrifice and arduous efforts on the part of all people . Nonetheless , the accrued returns will both strengthen the nation and ensure a better life for all Chinese citizens .


62. The rapid emergence of homes for senior citizens represents a sharp divergence from the traditional Chinese practice of maintaining the nuclear family at all costs .


63. Participating in interactive experiences beneficial to all is something that no one should miss . The valuable lessons learned therefrom should not be arbitrarily dismissed , but should instead be treasured .


64. Abortion advocates may be correct in their assertion that the practice is a necessary tool of population control , but they seem to neglect the preciousness of human life in its earliest stages .


65. Some people assert that nothing is impossible . Such people should get a grip on reality and understand it's impossible to create another Universe . In more down-to-earth terms , it's impossible to know with any certainty whether you will live or die tomorrow .


66. Two major factors contributed to devastating summer flooding along the Yangtze River and its tributaries . First , erosion resulting from excessive deforestation in the upper reaches of the river and , second ,heavy silting which raised the riverbed in the main channel .


67. Greed and a total lack of social consciousness have been cited as major reasons for the dramatic rise corruption .


68. There are several reasons for the marked increase in China's crime rate—the dramatic influx of itinerant workers in urban areas ; declining social values​​ ; and widening disparities between the haves and have-nots .


69. Why are an increasing number of elderly Chinese parents living apart from their children ? One reason is the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation . Another is expanding social opportunities for the elderly . Perhaps the main reason , however , centers on dramatic changes in traditional concepts .


70. What has sparked the increasing interest in exercise ? For one thing , people have gained a greater awareness of the need for physical fitness . For another , the constantly improving standard of living enables Chinese people to patronize the increasing number of recreational venues . The main thing perhaps centers on the healthcare and psychological benefits exercise provides .


71. Identifying the reasons for an emerging phenomenon which involves several complicated factors is far from an easy task . For example , some scientists attribute environmental deterioration to a series of natural factors , while others place the blame solely on inappropriate human behavior .


72. One doesn't have to look far to realize the direct correlation between smoking and cancer .


73. The explanation for the phenomenon of the rising teenage suicide rate involves many complicated factors . Some attribute the rise to an overemphasis on early success , others point to mounting peer pressure , and still others to confusion over changing social values​​ .


74. The reasons for antisocial behavior are both complicated and varied . I suggest the
phenomenon results from inappropriate role models and the lack of well-defined norms of behavior . However , the main reason is quite likely the continuing degeneration of social values​​ .


75. The causes of racial hatred are not readily definable . Sociologists , however , attribute them to the misguided concept of a superior race and an innate mistrust of people of color . Perhaps the main cause is quite simply ignorance .


76. The scourge of HIV/AIDS currently engulfing the world will quite likely be brought under control within the next few years thanks to the untiring efforts of scientists and researchers worldwide .


77. The incidence rate of cancer mainly stems from several factors , including inappropriate diets , poor healthcare practices and the lack of early detection . Continuing medical advances and rising awareness do , however , offer promising hope for the future .


78. Increased urban pollution levels and the mounting death toll from motor vehicles accidents can mainly be attributed to the glut of automobiles appearing on city roads in recent years . Detrimental factors will quite likely outweigh the benefits of rising automobile usage .


79. The rising divorce rate in China can , at least in part , be attributed to spousal incompatibility , disparities in education levels , changing social attitudes and the increasing upward mobility of the younger generation .


80. State-owned enterprises are not only failing because of inefficient management , but also because of their inability to awitch operational modes from the former planned economy to the new market economy .


81. Although we do not know the long-term consequences of separation or deprivati​​on , we do know that they can produce acute immediate distress .


82. One can raedily trace the disappearance of dinosaurs to a major cataclysmic event .


83. The raesons for poverty are many , but for the most part center on illiteracy , the lack of opportunities and in some cases pure laziness .


84. Child development depends on a number of factors , both physical and psychological . Correct parental nurturing from infancy through adolescence determines both the physical and mental profile of a mature individual .


85. Factors such as self-condidence and ambition , combined with determination and willpower , contribute to eventual success or failure .



86. Few scientific and technological achievements equal the success of landing men on the moon .



87. One of the most common failures of people today is to avoid telling the truth . People must realize that avoidance and lying have never in the past and , in fact , never will right a wrong .


88. Central planning has , at least in part , been blamed for the current demise of state-owned enterprises . Perhaps , however , the greatest blame should be placed on factors such as grossly inefficient management ; the rampant practice of " guanxi " , cronyism and nepotism ; excessively large work forces ; abuses of social benefits ; and without a doubt corruption .


89. A recent survey revealed large disparities in the income levels of male and female workers holding the same position . The determining factor should be qualifications , rather than gender , when determining both the salary and position of an individual .

90. Social finesse , willingness to relocate and language capacity are also determinant factora in assessing job qualifications .


91. It will have a direct bearing on the matter under discussion .


92. Rap​​id economic growth may lead to an overextension of resources and lead to an eventual catastrophic meltdown .


93. Some lay the blame for falling exports squarely on financial turmoil sweeping many Asian countries . The fact of the matter is , however , that proportionate blame should be assigned to the lackadaisical approach to developing new markets , failure to improve product quality and government inaction in the realm of support .


94. We often ignore the real problem and instead search for a needle in a haystack . Solvingproblems of any kind requires one to adopt a direct approach which addresses all relevant issues .


95. Claiming a lack of opportunities is nothing more than a superficial excuse for justifying failure . The fundamental reason for failure is most often the lack of drive on the part of the individual involved .


96. We can , and quite often do , blame our contemporaries for personal failures , but the fact of the matter is that the root causes for most problems go much deeper .


97. The rapidly emerging sexual revolution has been accompanied by many disturbing trends . Perhaps the most serious consequences center on the rapid spread of sexually transmitted diseases ( STDs ) , rising prostitution and the rise in AIDS cases .


98. The deep impact of opening to the outside world is readily discernible in a number of areas : the adoption of many Western habits , both good and bad ; changing social and moral values​​ ; the trend towards individualism ; and the introduction of state-of -the-art concepts and technology . The key to adopting Western way centers on accepting the good and rejecting the bad .


99. The arrival of the so-called " Information Age " will undoubtedly have a profound influence on our lives . The task at hand center on using the technology for beneficial purposes , while at the same time preventing intrusions of privacy and use of the electronic highway for deceitful purposes .


100. Effluent discharges of industrial wastewater and raw sewage into rivers , lakes and inshore coastal areas have not only adversely affected marine life and aquatic resources , but have also jeopardized one of the major necessities for sustaining life—Potable Water .


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1.When asked about the ongoing uproar involving US President Bill Clinton , most people say the affair involves a purely private matter . But many other people regard his actions as deplorable . I personally think the president committed impeachable offences .


2. When it comes to the increasing use of motor vehicles in Beijing , some people think that use should be limited . Others argue that the opposite is true . There is probably some truth to both arguments,but emission controls must be instituted regardless of the number of vehicles.


3. There is a general debate nowadays about the problem of itinerant workers . Those who object to the rising migrant population argue that increasing numbers lead to rising crime rates and harm social stability . They believe that strict limits should be placed on migrants entering China ' s cities . But people who favor the influx of the cheap labor force , on the other hand , maintain that migrants are needed to support the massive urban infrastructure construction program .


4. It is widely acknowledged that extensive deforestation contributed to heavy summer flooding .
Experts argue that China must introduce a massive afforestation program . But I doubt whether afforestation alone will solve the problem .



5. Most people are of the opinion that wealth provides solutions to all problems . But in spite of the material benefits wealth provides , I believe one should abandon the pursuit of materialism and instead concentrate on the pursuit of happiness .


6. Many people believe that capital punishment deters crime . But although criminologists have conducted exhaustive research regarding the subject , little evidence exists to support the claim .


7. An increasing number of people are joining the " Information Age " via the Internet . In reaction to the phenomenon , some say the Internet has removed barrters and provided people with immediate access to the world . But do they raelize that rapidly advancing information technology can also lead to intrusions of privacy ?


8. The use of guanxi is a widespread method for conducting business , but is it a wise one ? The method is now being challenged by more and more people .


9. These days we often hear about the widening gap between the rich and poor . Some argue the developed world has totally ignored the problem . But has it ? Close examination fails to bear out the argument .



10. We ' re often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction . But is this really the case ?


11. One of the pressing problema facing our nation today is overcoming disparities in urban and rural income levels .


12. One of the most serious problems many people talk about centers on the lack of adequate housing space .



13. Perhaps the most dangerous phenomenon gripping the nation today is official corruption , which is pervasive in all levels of government .


14. Inflation is yet another new and bitter truth we must learn to face .


15. The rapid expansion of urban areas has in many cases encroached on valuable cultivatable land , and led to a general recognition that development must not be carried at the cost of agriculture . The government has attached greater importance to the problem and an increasing number of redundant projects are being terminated .


16. There is a growing worldwide awareness of the need for strengthened environmental protection .


17. There has been a dramatic increase in the spread of HIV/AIDS in recent years , with a new study projecting that the dreaded disease will affect over 30 million people worldwide by the year 2005 .

近年來,艾滋病蔓延的幅度進一步擴大,一項新的研究預測,到2005 年,世界上有超過三千萬人將感染這一可怕的疾病。

18. Working with the disabled cannot help but leave one impressed with their indefatigable desire .


19. Perhaps no issues are more controversial than euthanasia and abortion , both of which involve taking the life of a human being .


20. Never before in history has the issue of overpopulation been more evident than now .


21. Perhaps it is time to reexamine the idea that college degrees are a guarantee of intelligence .


22. A growing number of people are beginning to realize that wealth is not the sole prerequisite for happiness .


23. In spite of the extraordinary progress made in science and technology , problems remain in terms of guaranteeing that achievements benefit the greatest number of people .


24. A famous thinker once wrote that " the greatest threat to mankind is mankind itself ! " If this is indeed the case , then the current situation should make us ponder our futuer existence .


25. US President Harry Truman once remarked : " The buck stops here ! " His view has been confirmed by numerous world leaders who have assumed full responsibility for their actions .


26. Large families were once seen as a blessing . Today , however , things are changing and an increasing number of Chinese parents realize that fewer is better .


27. People used to place total reliance on the government . The so-called " iron rice bowl " prevailed in the past , but things are quite different today .



28. We owe a debt of gratitude to the many individuals who dedicated their lives to making the world a better place . However , we must not rest on their accomplishments , but must instead work assiduously to record even greater achievements .



29. Years of observing human behavior has enabled me to conclude that the major difference

between mediocrity and success lies solely with the individual concerned . Successful individuals consistently seek advancement , while their less industrious contemporaries are merely content
with the status quo .


30. Traditional way of thinking have changed dramatically . The pendulum has swung and people are exhibiting greater open-mindedness and a burning desire to detemine their own destiny .


31. There has been undesirable trend in recent years towards the worship of money . A recent survey showed that X percent of respondents ranked getting rich as their top priority , compared to X percent only a few years ago . Why do people fail to realize that wealth does not necessarily bring happiness ?


32. Some months ago , a friend of mine was killed in a tragic automobile accident involving a drunk driver . The incident was far from rare , and was in fact typical of thousands of cases involving people dricing under the influence of alcohol .


33. I recently read a newspaper article on the rampant spread of child abuse . The deplorable problem of the widespread abuse of innocent children has aroused public concern nationwide .


34. Should parents spare the rod and spoil the child ? Opinions concerning strict parental discipline vary widely . Some view strict discipline as nothing more than a form of abuse , while others argue it is an essential factor for instilling appropriate social behavior .


35. What do you think of the increasing openness accompanying the ongoing sexual revolution ?
Do you ever fantasize ? Answers to these questions should be based on a determination between
appropriate and inappropriate behavior .


36. Why do some governments persist in spending billions of dollars on space exploration when starvation and poverty continue to grip many countries throughout the world ? This particular question is being raised by an ever increasing number of people .


37. Judging from the reams of evidence presented , we can safely conclude that the Three Gorges Project will change the lives of an untold number of people forever .


38. The ample evidence presented enables us to reasonably conclude that the scourge of AIDS will be brought under control in the foreseeable future .


39. We must seek immediate solutions for problems leading to the rapid depletion of the earth's ozone layer . If allowed to proceed unchecked , the problem will undoubtedly exacerbate global warming and threaten life as we know it today .


40. Quite obviously , immediate action is needed to extricate 80 million Chinese people from the grips of poverty in order to remove the danger of social unrest and ensure continuing stability .


41. Taiwan needs to reexamine the results of political and social modernization in order to ascertain the benefits and indeed the detrimental aspects from a new perspective . Otherwise , various perceived accomplishments might in fact prove to be far from beneficial .


42. It is essential to heed warnings of potentially catastrophic consequences associated with the Year 2000 computer bug and , in turn , to attach top priority to finding effective solutions to ensure a smooth transition into the new century .


43. It is high time we put an end to the deplorable practice of infanticide.


44. There is little doubt that immediate action is required to eliminate the scourge of corruption once and forever .


45. In short , we must work diligently to make the world a better place for coming generations . We must not persist in pursuits harmful to the environment .


46.​​ We must avoid overindulgence and conspicuous consumption . We must instead continue to recognize the benefits of thrift in order to protect our newfound prosperity .


47. It is absolutely essential to reverse the irrational misuse of nonrenewable resources . For example , fuel-efficient motor vehicles must be developed to reduce oil consumption and alternative energy sources must be found to replace coal .


48. While achieving success is easier said than done , persistence does in fact pay off . One of the most important traits of a successful person is self-confidence , another is desire , and still another is determination .


49. Recognizing a problem is the first step in finding a solution .


50. Many of the explanations offered thus far are at least to a certain extent valid , but none fully address the problem and the issue must be examined in a wider context .




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The author of the reading passage proposes three theories as likely explanations of the primary function of Chaco Canyon houses, grant structures built in the I2th century. The lecturer, however, points to the inaccuracies in each of these theories.


The lecturer argues that the modest number of fireplaces in these structures is in contradiction with the huge size of these houses, indicating that these structures could not have been used for Residential purposes. The Reading, however, draws comparisons between the Chaco houses and other similar large Residential structures in support of the "Residential" theory.


The second theory, that the houses were used for food storage, is also rejected by the lecturer. He explains that a place that had been used for storing maize would have many traces of scattered Maize, which is not the case in the area of the Chaco Canyon houses. This proves that the "food storage theory" is unlikely.


Finally, regarding the third theory, the "ceremony theory'', the lecturer contends that the presence op broken pots close to the great houses does not offer sufficient proof that this was a place for ceremonial activities. He argues that there are other materials such as pieces of construction trash found along with the broken pots, which suggest that these pots were probably not used for ceremonial purposes but instead were discarded by construction workers upon completion of the great houses.

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The professor actually contradicts the statements made in the passage. She is of the view that dinosaurs are not endotherms i.e. they were not able to keep their body temperature at a constant rate.


The professor contradicts the issue of dinosaurs being endotherms based on the availability of fossils being available in the polar regions, she say that the polar regions in those days were not as cold as they are today i.e at least warm enough for dinosaurs to live. During harsh winters she says that there is a possibility of the dinosaurs actually migrating to warmer regions.


The issue of leg position and movement being used as a reason to classify the dinosaurs as endotherms does not please the professor either. She says that dinosaurs had legs under their bodies to support their huge bodies i.e the legs under the body of the dinosaur were actually to support the huge weight of the dinosaur and not to provide it with a body structure like endotherms(which is actually suited for running).


The professor acknowledges the presence of haversian canals but also points out that that the fossils show the presence of growth rings. These rings occur due to the thickening of the bone. The thickening indicates that the dinosaurs weren’t actually growing continuously but were experiencing periods of rapid growth and periods of no growth in succession. This pattern. she says is characteristic of non endothermic animals.


Thus it can be inferred that the professor challenges the passage by giving reasons as to why she thinks that the dinosaur is not an endotherm.


Description of Response:


Despite initial appearances, this response largely succeeds in clearly and accurately presenting how the lecture points take issue with the points in the reading passage that dinosaurs were  endotherms. The first point regarding dinosaurs in polar regions could be a bit clearer. Otherwise, the response mainly suffers from typographical errors, but these are not regarded as major problems; it is obvious that the writer has good control of structure and vocabulary and the ability to use these to convey in an organized and logical manner what has been understood and asked.


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The lecture revises the idea presented in the text, that Rembrandt was not the artist who painted the famous painting "Portrait of an Elderly Woman in a White Bonnet”.

The inconsistency between the white cap, which identifies the woman as a servant, and the expensive fur collar she wears dissolves as the Professor explains that the fur collar was apparently painted over the original painting to increase its worth by displaying an aristocratic woman.


In addition, the assumption that light and shadow in the painting do not fit together is refuted by the fact that in the original painting, the woman wears a light cloth that illuminated her face. Thus the presentation of light and shadow was indeed very realistic and accurate, as it is characteristic of Rembrandt’s paintings.


Finally, the mystery of the panel consisting of patches glued together is also solved in the lecture. Actually, the wood panel was later enlarged to make it more grand and valuable, but the original painting was painted on a single panel, as Rembrandt would have done it. Furthermore, the wood is of the same tree used in other Rembrandt paintings, like the "Self-Portrait with a Hat”.


All this information points to Rembrandt as the painter of the controversial painting.

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The lecturer talks about research conducted by a firm that used the group system to handle their work. He says that the theory stated in the passage was very different and somewhat inaccurate when compared to what happened in reality.


First, some members got free rides. That is, some didn’t work hard but got recognition for the success nontheless. This also indicates that people who worked hard were not given recognition they should have gotten. In other words, they weren’t given the opportunity to “shine”. This directly contradicts what the passage indicates.


Second, groups were slow in progress. The passage says that groups are more responsive than individuals because of the number of people involved and their aggregated resources. However, the speaker talks about how the firm found out that groups were slower than individuals in decision making. Groups needed more time for meetings, which are necessary procedures in decision making. This was another place where experience contradicted theory.


Third, influential people might emerge and lead the group towards glory or failure. If the influent people are going in the right direction there would be no problem. But in cases where they go in the wrong direction, there is nobody that has enough influence to counter the decision made. In other words, the group might turn into a dictatorship, with the influential party as the leader, and might become less flexible in its thinking. They might become one-sided, and thus fail to succeed.


Rating annotation


Once you can read past what seem to be the results of poor typing, this Benchmark 5 does an excellent job of presenting the points about the contribution and recognition of group members as well as about speed of group decisions. The final paragraph contains one noticeable error (“influent”), which is then used correctly two sentences later (“influential”). Overall, this is a successful response and scored within (though perhaps not at the top of) the 5 level.

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1.當most表示大多數時,之前不加the, 並且有兩種形式來表示大多數,分別為:

most + 名詞,如:most people, most Indian tribes;

most + of + 限定詞+ 名詞或代詞,如:most of his paintings,most of us, most of the modern artists


2. most有時意思等同於very, 此時most之前用不定冠詞,如:

a most lovely girl, a most impressive proposal


(1) The most substances expand in volume when they are heated.



(2) The most often flour is made from wheat, but it may also be made from the seeds of other cereal plants.


解釋:the most 一般出現在最高級中, 此句most often為固定說法,意為經常

詞彙:cereal: 穀類的

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形容詞最主要的功能就是修飾名詞,如:modern art, electric current, great responsibility;這一考點在TOEFL改錯題佔有相當的比例,幾乎每套題都包含一道以上的題目考形容詞修飾名詞,主要形式是將本應該使用形容詞的位置誤用為名詞、副詞等


(1) The human body relies on certainty nutrients for its survival.


解釋:certainty是名詞, 意為確定性, 不能修飾名詞, 改為形容詞certain, 表示某些

(2) Textile art is known for both its tactile and vision qualities.


解釋:vision是名詞, 不能修飾名詞qualities, 要用它的形容詞

注意1:大多數形容詞既可以做定語也可以做表語, 有少數形容詞一般情況下只能做表語, 比較下面兩句話:

The man was awake.

There was an awake man. (此句錯誤, awake不能做定語)

這類形容詞包括: alone, afraid, alike, alert, aware, alive, ashamed, content, unable


(1) Many television newscasters make the public an eyewitness to the news by means of on-the-spot, alive reports.

應改為:live (adj. 現場的, 實況轉播的)

解釋:alive不能做定語, 只能做表語,所以應該改為live reports (現場報導)

(2) Alike ethnographers, ethnohistorians make systematic observations, but they also gather data from documentary and oral sources.


解釋:alike不能做定語, 只能做表語; alike/like 是TOEFL改錯中常考的考點

注意2:形容詞詞組修飾名詞時要發生後置現象, 避免產生頭重腳輕的感覺.

如:a room bare of furniture, the form dependent of the contents等,

注意3:形容詞修飾名詞的語序也是TOEFL考點之一。當多個形容詞(甚至包括指示代詞, 冠詞和所有格)並列放置於名詞之前時, 它們之間就存在著誰排在前面, 誰排在後面的問題,


冠詞(a, an, the)/所有格(my, your等)/指示代詞(this, that等) + 數量形容詞+ 描述性形容詞+ 名詞

如: two young American students

my three red pencils

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(1) the和可數名詞單數連用,表示一類人或物,如:

the fern(蕨類), the wallflower


(2) 序數詞之前必須用the,如:

the first woman, the nineteenth century

前面有物主代詞時除外,如my first baby


(3) 形容詞最高級之前必須用the(有物主代詞時除外),如:

the largest city, the most advanced technology


(4) of連接的名詞前多用the, 如:

the development of the watch,


(5) 世界上獨一無二的東西前應加the, 如:

the globe(地球),the equator(赤道), the moon, the sun


a. 表示人名、地名、國家名等專有名詞前, 一般不加,如:

Dennis Chavez(人名),Alaska(地名),English(英語), February(二月), America(美國)


the Great Lakes(美國五大湖), the Changjiang River(長江)


algebra(代數學), advertising, accounting(會計學) www.ExamW.CoM


Historians believe that…, Amphibians(兩棲動物) hatch from…


in history, in nature, at work, at home , go to school, go to bed, in bed


by train(乘火車), by car (乘汽車), by bicycle(騎腳踏車), by bus (乘公共汽車),

by land(由陸路), by sea (由海路), by water (由水路) , by air (通過航空)

on foot (步行), by plane(乘飛機), by ship (乘船),


play tennis, play baseball, play basketball

注意:表示職位的詞之前的冠詞有無均可, 如:He was elected (the) chairman of the committee.


(1 ) Historically, ---- chief material for making furniture has been wood, but metal and stone have also been used.

(A) it was the

(B) that the

(C) there was a

(D) the




The Yukon River, which flows into the Bering Sea, gives its name to a region of Alaska and a territory of the Canada.




(3) The development of professional sports in the United States dates back tonineteenth century.

應改為:to the nineteenth


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解析: the role of選項出現在第一段末,意思相反,此時指的是睡眠狀態,取反之後, 應該放在清醒狀態這欄裡。
         carbon dioxide選項出現在第五段,和原文意思一致,放在睡眠狀態這欄裡。
         the coughing選項原文沒有complex這層意思,排除。
         a great deal of原文第四段第二句話,用兩倍的力量去呼吸,放在睡眠狀態這欄裡。
         Upper airways選項屬於原文沒有提到的內容,無中生有,排除。
         There is a drop選項與最後一段內容相符,放在睡眠狀態這欄裡。
         Automatic and voluntary在第二段提到,放在清醒狀態這欄裡。

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1.A選項。選項中Plate motion與文章第二段第一句矛盾,直接排除;
None of these volcanoes was formed as a result of collisions between plates of the Martian crust-there is no plate motion on Mars.
       2.D選項。根據文章第五段第二句,科學家能夠估計火山的年齡,與選項中Cannot yet reliably estimate the age矛盾,排除;
Age estimates ranging from four billion years for Mars's southern highlands to a few hundred million years in the youngest volcanic areas were obtained in this way.
       3.E選項。選項中中的...Similar to condition just below the surface of the Moon, 與第六段四五句矛盾,直接刪除。 The ejecta surrounding the lunar crater is just what one would expect from an explosion ejecting a large volume of dust, soil, and boulders. However, the ejecta on Mars gives the distinct impression of a liquid that has splashed or flowed out of crater.



2.C選項。 kept special privileges 與文中表述的逐漸落寞相反,排除;
3.D選項。 ordinary people 是否付得起這層意思沒有原文依據,屬於無中生有。

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過渡點:chemical changes and a thicker exterior; overcome the conditions. 冠詞the特指condition, 則前面句子中需要涉及到difficult condition. 因此只能在C,D中選。而另一關鍵詞chemical changes and a thicker exterior則說明前面句子中應有ancient algae的改變, 綜合這兩點,只能選擇D.  




過渡點either case,這說明這句話之前應該有兩個並列的case。而只有第二個插入口前一句“The water is usually naturally occurring groundwater that seeps down along fractures in the rock; less typically , the water is artificially introduced by being pumped down from the surface.”這句話正好講到兩種類型的水,把句子插入之後,也邏輯合理,所以答案是第二個空。

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原句重點在a land of opportunity = free of competitors and predators, also full of carbon dioxide and sunlight. 只要選項中沒有漏掉這些重點詞,就是正確選項。故選項為A
 B選項遺漏了competitors and predators, C選項遺漏了光合作用,D選項毫無事實依據,邏輯混亂。



原句重點即復雜的原因導致Abu Hureyra和很多其他地方開始採用新的經濟形式。山羊的的趾骨存在因為栓綁產生的磨損,這證明了存在早期的放牧。
A選項符合原意,而且including比較嚴密地說明還可能存在其他類型的新經濟形式。 B選項的比較關係並不存在,排除。 C選項新的畜牧方式和新經濟形式應該是並列關係,不存在一個促進另一個的關係。 D選項theories無中生有,排除。

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首先在原文中找到“this remarkable change”。根據代詞this的就近原則,可以確定指代項是前一句中提到的人口增長。此句意為:得益於鄉村生活和農業,兩千年裡該地區的人口成萬地增長。  

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本題的推斷主要是leatherback turtle 和whale之間的類比。文章提到說leatherback turtle與whale更接近,而leatherback turtle能夠游到北方和南方寒冷的海洋地區。作為類比,我們可以猜測鯨魚也可以游到這些地方 


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反面事實細節題(Negative Factual Information Questions)







A選項依據在第二段的最後一句話,根據第六段中的內容來看,C選項也是正確的。 D選項比較明顯,在第七段的開頭就明確點出來了。而B選項,第一段中雖然出現了ocean floor,但是主要是說化石的發現地,用以引出下面對化石保存的討論,並沒有直接提到化石保存的內容,沒有在原文中找到依據,屬於捏造型的錯誤。

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事實細節題(Factual Information Questions)








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1.take a rain check 改天吧

—— Can you come over for dinner tonight? (今天晚上來吃飯好嗎?)

—— I'm up to my ears in work, so I'll have to take a raincheck。 (我工作很忙,改天吧。)


2. lost count 弄不清楚

—— Ever since your girlfriend moved to Bridgeport, you are alwaysdriving there. How many trips a week do you makeanyway?


——I have lost count, but I can do it with my eyesclosed。 (搞不清楚了,但我閉著眼也能摸過去。)


3. be in another world 精神恍惚;魂不守舍

—— Pete’s really out of it these days。 (Pete 這幾天有點心不在焉。) —— Yeah, I know. Ever since he met Ann, he's been in

anotherworld。 (我同意。自從他遇見Ann, 他就魂不守捨了。)


4. make yourself at home 隨意,隨便

—— Do you mind if I take off my jacket?(你介意我脫下夾克嗎?)

—— Of course not, make yourself at home。 (當然不介意,隨意​​一點!)


5. save your breath 省口氣吧;別白費口舌了—— Hey? John! John!(嘿,John! John!)

—— Save your breath. He"s out of earshot。(省口氣吧。他已經聽不到了。)


6. make sense 有意義,理解

—— The plot of that movie is hard to follow。 (那部電影的情節很難跟得上。) —— It makes more sense the second time。 (再看一遍



7. cost sb. an arm and a leg 非常昂貴

——Did you see the diamond ring Bill gave toLinda?(你看到Bill送給Linda的鑽戒了嗎?) ——I sure did. It must have cost him an

arm and aleg。 (當然了。那一定很昂貴。)


8.burn a hole in one's pocket 很快地被花光

——Have you saved enough to buy that new printer for your computeryet? (你攢足錢給你的電腦買一台新打印機了嗎?)

——You know money seems to be burning a hole in my pocket lately .Maybe next month. (這幾個月我花錢如流水。也許下個月吧。)


9.fill one's shoes 很好地頂替;令人滿意地替代

——Have you heard that Professor ​​Jones is retiring?(你聽說Jones教授要退休了嗎?)

——Yes. The faculty won't find anyone to fill her shoes。 (是的。學校將很難找到合適的人來代替她。)


10.is ice cold 表示理所當然

——Does Prof. Ford always come to class? (Ford教授總是來上課嗎?) ——Is ice cold? (當然了。)


11.like apples and oranges 用來表示無法相比的事物

——Which game do you think is more difficult to learn, chess orbridge? (你認為橋牌和象棋哪個更難學?)

——They are like apples and oranges. (它倆沒法比較。)


12.look for a needle in a hay stack 大海撈針

——We are supposed to meet John here at the train station。 (我們要在火車站接John。) ——That's like looking for a needle in a

hay stack . (那可真是大海撈針。)


13.lose one’s train of 忘記

——When you interrupted me, you made me lose my train of thought。 (你打斷了我的思考,我忘記我在想什麼了。)


14.meet each other half way 相互妥協,讓步

——My chemistry project is in trouble because my partner and I hadtotally different ideas about how to proceed。 (我的化學課題

出問題了。在進展問題上,我與我的合作者意見完全不同。) ——You should try to meet each other half way. (你們應該相互妥協。)


15.on the dot 準時;正點

——Did you and Amanda rea​​lly meet exactly five minutes to two infront of the theatre? (你和Amanda確實在差5分兩點的時候到達劇


——Yes, we were both there on the dot. (是的,我倆都準點到達。)


16.once and for all 最後一次;乾脆

——I am going to tell that neighbor of mine to turn down that musiconce and for all。 (我要最後一次告訴我那個鄰居把音樂聲關小。)

——I see why you are angry. But I've always found that the politeroute is the most effective. (我明白你為什麼惱火。但我總覺得禮貌



17.out of earshot 不在聽力所及範圍

——Hey? John! John! (嗨! John! John! )


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